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if i had a dime for everytime an adult man made me feel uncomfortable


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In regards to my unsavory work experience today, I have a lot of this in my inbox:

White People: PEOPLE HAVENT USED BLACKFACE FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS!!!1!1!1 You are exaggerating!Stop making something out of nothing!

And so on…

Oh, really? I think you need both a history lesson, and some quick look at some of your relatives FB accounts.

We are not a costume. Cultures are not a costume.

Making a mockery of cultures is racist.

Blackface is racist no matter how you slice it.

And if you think otherwise, then it is simple, you are also racist.

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the way i present my sexuality will never be something that you need to speak on.

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no offense just my onion, but white people should stop telling black people to get over Ferguson and to “move on”. This is reality for us, we can’t just log out and leave our sorrows online. These past few weeks have shown us that black people have to constantly fight for our humanity, even in death. 

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Nanana nana nanana na na na
Nanana nana nanana na na na

green day or batman you will never know

or my chemical romance or fall out boy

or blink-182

or lots of sodium

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Why "credit to the owner" is one of the shittiest things you can do to an artist. →


I see it on social media all the time. Someone posts art that they did not create, and below the illustration write; "credit to the owner", or makes an amv containing art, with no links or names to the original artists.

This is a really shitty thing to do and let me tell you…

How to Draw Manga












Now you know



I may or may not have owned that first book.

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Anonymous asked: What do you think about girls that don't have that "perfect small pinky pussy"? Not criticizing those who have it, but men usually have a preference, which is not wrong, but girls that don't have that "perfect pussy" feels like theirs are not pretty enough.



The way someone’s sexual organs look doesn’t change how I think of them. Porn makes a lot of girls think that they should have a shaved pussy lips as neat as a bow. I can’t speak for all guys but personally I don’t give a fuck.

The problem with society is that we let the media dictate what is the norm and what they portray is the one and only way for everyone to be. Difference is what makes people interesting and beautiful in my opinion and we should pay less attention to what others think looks good and have the confidence to appreciate our own natural beauty.

Everyone has their own preferences as you have pointed out. Whilst there are those who only like one type pussy shape there are also those who will enjoy the other type, and then there’s those like me who couldn’t care less.

You probably weren’t expecting a reply this long but I hope to all the women out there who unfortunately feel the need to alter the shape of their sexual organs to conform to a pornographic worlds ideal, that you are able to accept the way you look and be content with it.

Fuck other people’s opinions on your body.


How Hood “Pranks” finna end in the next few months(x)

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